Before you dive into the chaotic and beautiful world of ChadScraper, let’s get one thing straight: we’re all about the fun, but within the boundaries of the law.

Even though we jest and joke, we maintain a strict policy against engaging in any form of illegal activities.

Never forget, Chad has a cousin Donut who is a cop. And trust us, Chad has a habit of spilling all the beans when he has one too many.

If you’re thinking of crossing the line, remember: Chad talks. A lot. Especially to Donut.

Compliance with all applicable laws is not just our policy, it’s our steadfast commitment.

Ensure you adhere to our terms of service at all times.

Douchebaggery will not be tolerated here. Yes, we are looking at you.

Our service is provided with the utmost respect for the law, and we expect the same from our users.

Understand that any misuse of ChadScraper’s services will result in immediate action.

Choose to be a responsible user. After all, nobody likes a tattletale, but Chad can and will become one if pushed.

Help us maintain a community that is both fun and law-abiding.

Everyone is here to have a good time while respecting the legal boundaries.

Be a good sport, play nice, and let’s keep ChadScraper a safe and law-abiding space for all.

Any infringement on this policy will not be tolerated, and actions will be taken accordingly.

Go ahead, enjoy ChadScraper responsibly, and remember: keep it clean, or face the wrath of Chad and cousin Donut.